20 Aug, 22

    Internet speed testers are the various types of software that allow users to acquire information about how fast their mobile or WIFI transfers or receives data from internet servers. The more elevated the rate, the more convenient it is for users to access internet data.

    The speed test tells you the key factors such as:

    • Latency: It is also known as ping. It is given as a signal's time in milliseconds (ms) to reach and from the internet server. The lower the latency rate, the more reactive your server is, which is essential for gaming and video conferencing. 
    • Downloading Speed: This measurement tells you how quickly requested information is reaching from the internet server to your device. Activities like binging on Netflix or surfing through YouTube rely on this speed.
    • Uploading Speed: It is imperative for activities like video calls, backup data to cloud storage or uploading documents. It the rate at which the data is reaches the internet servers.

    Working of a speed Tester

    When a user initiates a speed test, the software sends a signal as a ping to the closest server to commence the trial. Then the server sends information to the software, representing the raw data in sensible form. The report shows the download and upload speed of the user's internet connectivity.

    Some of the splendid speed testing software

    • Ookla speed test: It is a reliable and convenient way to test your internet speed. It is packed with other features like conducting video tests to check its resolution, load time and buffering. You can easily access previous results and see graphs of how constant is your internet speed. You can also access a private VPN, although the ad-free version is paid and consists of an unlimited VPN.
    • SpeedOf.Me: If you're in search of a speed tester which is easy to use. Then it would help if you tried this software. It provides you with a complete analysis of your internet connection. But if you're in a hurry and then this software is might not be ideal for you. The way of testing is distinguishable between mobile and desktop. The mobile version is handy because you don't have to use the application for speed tests. 
    • SpeedSmart: This software has more than 100 servers around the globe by which you can quickly check your WIFI or cellular network. It has a quite simplified interface that shows the latency, download and upload speed. It provides you with appropriate graphs which consists the consistency of your internet network.
    • Meteor: Meteor speed test examines internet connections over WIFI, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G. It even lets you test the internet connectivity of individual applications like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. You can also access various statistics and plots of connectivity.
    • Cloudflare:  This software provides the user with specified graphs plots for uploading, downloading, latency and jitter. Cloudflare can perform a diversity of tests, including 100KB, 1MB, 10MB, 25MB, and 100MB uploads and downloads. Users can access minimum, maximum, average, median, 25th percentile, and 75th percentile results for each test.
    • Fast: It is quick, reliable and easy to use. It's ad-free but with limited features and it is powered by Netflix.
    • V-Speed: It is available only in the Mobile version. But it has a modern interface and a diversity of configurations for those interested in modern tech. It provides you with maps for Mobile coverage areas, finding tools, the capability to select default test services and so on.


    Now the question arises why you should test your internet speed.

    The most basic reasons why anyone is testing their internet connection are:

    • You want to verify that you're getting the worth of your spending from your internet provider.
    • You're ensuring that if you need to upgrade your internet connection. Every individual will need to change their internet plans from time to time. According to recent studies, the average internet speed in the US was 7Mbps in 2007, but in recent times it is 99.3mbps, which is expected to grow further.
    • You're examining whether or not your device or receiver is working in perfect condition.

    These are some of the fundamental points why anyone is testing their internet connection. 

    If you're wondering about any of the above points, then it is time to check your internet speed.

    How fast is your internet?

    According to the information collected from the internet speed test. The average speed of the internet in the nation is 42.86 Mb. The average constantly fluctuates and might not be reflected in your internet speed.

    What is considered good internet speed?

    According to the FCC, the internet should offer at least 12mbps of downloading speed for medium to heavy usage of two or more devices. For more than four devices, 25mbps should hold good.